Our mission

We are to found a soccer club which takes root in Montenegro, and produce as many world-class Japanese professional soccer players as we can.

As a new way of producing soccer players, we have sent young players including the age of high school to college to the Montenegrin League.

Currently there are about 25 players playing in the 1st and 2nd league. Most of them have made their step up to the Europa Leagues.

The Montenegrin League requires hungry spirit to survive, and is the environment for Japanese players to make the best of themselves physically and mentally. Out next step is to found a club in Montenegrin League to accept Japanese players with potential, and train them into world-class talents.

We are to bring in the view of “character formation through soccer” , and aim to produce global talents who succeed in the world at one’ s second career.

Experiencing the severe contest in Europe and putting yourself in an ambitious environment are assets not only during your playing days, but also after your retirement.

The mental streng th and communication ability you have developed allow you to succeed as an excellent business person of your second career.

We wish to apply the best environment in Montenegro for you to create your own soccer story, and thus raise the standards of Japan and the world’s soccer.


Founding member

Osako Takafumi

General manager
& Coach

Osako Takafumi

We create players who are mentally tough, with “WA no kokoro (the heart of harmony)”

I see the players from FK Adria and the people related as the global branch that builds our better future.

You only get one life to live, so what is important is to move one step forward, not to think about succeeding or failing.

As Japanese, I will do my best to train each player who is mentally tough with possessing the “WA no kokoro” from FK Adria of Montenegro to the world.


Graduated from Kagoshima Jitsugyo High School (participated in the national tournament with former Japan National teammates; Yasuhito Endo, Daisuke Matsui, etc.) Instructed as physical coach for Momoyama Gakuin University Soccer Club after retirement.

After Coach Training in France (Le Mans, Saint-Etienne), instructed in Romania (as Popescu Academy Coach) and Latvia (as coach of FB Gulbene, Latvia 1st league). After visiting more than 40 countries, and settled in Montenegro, and produced over 100 professional Japanese players to the world. Founded FK Adria in Jul.

2017, and was inaugurated as GM and coach.

Speaks French, English, Montenegrin, and Romanian Holds JFA Official B-rank license

Maezono Masakiyo

Special Adviser

Maezono Masakiyo

I feel great potential.

I myself was able to grow dramatically as a soccer player, not to mention as a person, through the Olympics and transferring to foreign teams.

Those experiences are my assets today.

I really feel great potential in the challenges FK Adria is making, and am willing to support with all I have.


Graduated from Kagoshima Jitsugyo High School and entered J Leagues’ s Yokohama Fluegels in 1992.

During the Atlantic Olympics in 1996, Maezono played as the team captain of “the Miracle in Miami” , and won the reputation not only from soccer fans, but all over the world.

Played in foreign soccer clubs such as Santos FC and Goias EC in Brazil, Anyang LG Cheetahs & Incheon United in Korea, and retired on May 19th, 2005.

After his retirement, he promotes soccer by sponsoring ZONO Soccer School while attending media activities as a commentator.

Returned as a player for Ramos Ruy’ s Japan National Team of Beach Soccer in 2009, and helped made it to the best 8 during the World Cup held in Dubai, UAE in Nov.

He is now teaching children all over the country how to enjoy soccer mainly through ZONO Soccer School, while acting in media activities. Owns a mini-pig as a pet.

Pedja Stevovic

Head Coach

Pedja Stevovic(PEDJA)

Japan is strong as an organization, while Montenegro favors characteristics.

We have spent 5 years setting our roots in Montenegro as Japanese.

Japan is known for its strength as an organization, while Montenegro favors characteristics, this is a fact known even in society.

We believe that by mixing races, we create merits for us to grow, and we wish to spread Japan x Montenegro to the whole world through FK Adria.


Graduated from the prestigious Belgrade Sports University of Servia, majoring in Soccer Instruction.

Started instructing in Japan and produced numbers of players through his career of Coerver Coaching Japan Coach and Ohmori FC Youth Manager.

Founded FK Adria in Jul. 2017, and was inaugurated as manager.

Lived in Japan for 18 years.

Speaks Japanese, English, and Montenegrin Holds UEFA A-rank License




Executive director



Project manager