Montenegro, located in the Peninsula on the South-East of Europe,
is one of the most popular tourism countries.

Language Montenegrin
Capital Podgorica
Area 13,812km2 (#155)
Population 624,000 people (#165)




ABOUT Prva crnogorska fudbalska liga

Montenegrin First League

Famous players such as Savicevic (Former AC Milan) and Mijatovic (Former Real Madrid) came from Montenegro.

Famous Legend Players

Savicevic (Former AC Milan)

Mijatovic (Former Real Madrid)

Montenegrin P Famous Legend Players layers playing now

Savic (Club Atletico de Madrid SAD)

Jovetic (Sevilla FC)

Vucinic (Al Jazira SC)

Winner team of the 1st League wins the UEFA Champions League pre-qualify berth.


After Yugoslavia dissolved, Montenegro claimed independence in 2006 after a period as SCG. Being a small country with only the size of Kagoshima prefecture, and a population of 620,000 people, this country has produced numbers of world-class soccer players, including the recent Football Association chairman Savicevic (Former AC Milan), and Mijatovic (Former Real Madrid). Numbers of Montenegrin players continue to advance to European soccer clubs even today.

The capital, Podgorica’ s FK Buducnost Podgorica & OFK Titograd from the capital, and the 2nd city, Niksic’ s FK Sutjeska Niksic are considered as the top clubs of the 1st League. These clubs compete in the Champions League and Europa Leagues every year. Players who stand out transfers to big clubs in Serbia and Croatia, or mid-level clubs from major Europa Leagues, and from there, may later transfer to big clubs.

Achievement in Montenegro

During the reception held by the Embassy of Japan in Serbia, one of the FK Adria’s representatives, Pedja, was commended for the international communication and human resource training through soccer.

This reception invited also numbers of officials including the MFA chairman, Mr. Savicevic, created a strong bond between Japan and Montenegro through soccer.

*Currently, there is no Embassy of Japan in Montenegro, the emb assy in Serbia joins administration.

Activities in Montenegro

We are thinking of having local communications actively in the capital, Podgorica, which is also our club’s home town.

By interacting with local people through visiting hospitals, kindergartens, elementary schools, and joining local events, we aim to become a “real club” being loved by the people.

Furthermore, we will spread the charm of Montenegro to Japan through our homepage and SNS. We s trongly hope to improve our players’ human nature by deepen the friends hip between Japan and Montenegro through the activities.